Inclusivity in The Rock Climbing Community

Episode 310

Inclusivity in The Rock Climbing Community

Admittedly, I have not thought about diversity and inclusivity within communities, such as this one, The Rock Climbing Community.

For me, as a self-defined eclectic, social worker have been focused on systems and institutions. And yes, they are important and in need of, well, realistically, a heck of a lot more than diversity and inclusivity. As for diversity and inclusivity within them, there are multiple levels needing to be addressed.

Yet, what about the other communities in our life? They are just as important.

Aren’t they?

In this author’s humble opinion, YES, it is as important.

Using the rock climbing community as an example, it is important. And what they learned was so interesting, they have a podcast regarding it.

So, Reader, although the closes I will probably get to Rock Climbing is the post I read (linked above), the greater lesson, maybe point, is this:

Diversity and Inclusivity is a topic not one person or community or cohort can avoid to ignore anymore. Please, start a conversation and look at what we can do, what you can do and ask every community or cohort you belong to the same question.

What can we do to be as diverse and inclusive as possible?

As for me, I am going to continue to explore my thoughts and feelings on my own identity and where I can be an agent of change too.

Stay safe,


Published by Rusty

I write about my mental health, domestic abuse (in the form of emotional abuse via gaslighting) to advocate and empower others. My shame has held me hostage for too long, as have my abusers and mental health. I am enough. I matter. I am a survivor and a warrior in ways the average person, thankfully, cannot understand.

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